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Screenshot_20180922-140053_Instagram-01 My colour block creation sitting in the home of @oxfordone. I was worried about my art work being noticed and liked. It pays to put yourself out there.

Attention to all my fellow creative Insta lovelies. I know there are a lot of you as I have lost many hours scrolling through your fine-looking squares. I wanted to highlight this topic firstly with a few questions that  I have asked myself…..

Should I include my own Artwork in my Instagram feed?

Is it ok to mix interiors with my art?

Will it change the consistent look of my squares?

Are others even interested in seeing it?

Well it didn’t take me long to whack some sense into my silly self and I said (in my head of course) Gemma you love being creative, you love having art in your home, It makes you happy and is a part of you. So I started to share pictures of my latest paintings. I was a little nervous and for the first time this summer I shared some of my artwork. I have not painted for years. My husband had attentively acquired some canvases and paints for my birthday in June. Of course I delivered a lot of hints… Oh I wish I had some time to paint how I use to… I’m really going to try and paint this year. He is of course is a very supportive spouse who does his best to stop me moaning.

20180829_115448-01 My colour block and Ocean Rose painting

Well that was when I gave myself a kick up my massive back side and the painting began. It makes me feel so happy and relaxed, it’s my therapy. So to share it with all of you is no doubt for me a lovely thing. I want my feed to show me, my home and what makes me happy and hope that others enjoy it also.

20180831_172034-01 Margate Skies

I like to post when I want and what I want on impulse. I’m definitely not good at planning and therefore have failed at following monthly hashtag competitions religiously. I do applaud those who can, it sure is an achievement in my eyes doing it every day. I want to enjoy the process of sharing my home and the moment I feel pressure (or maybe that is me being lazy) it puts me off so I don’t completely conform. It’s an addictive thing - looking inside other people’s homes, just like when I walk past a house with no blinds or curtains. Without even thinking I stare inside (only for a brief moment of course.) Yet it has been known for me to also get my phone out if I come across my dream front door and take a sneaky snap.  

I can waste many hours looking inside your lovely homes and the best thing is that I have found some lovely supportive communities. They have helped me understand what this interior feed and following is all about. When I try to explain to my family, some of whom do not have Instagram they look at me as if I’m a little crazy. This is because it’s another world to me where you build relationships with real humans through words and pictures, a world where you can dive into with a cup of tea on the sofa while everyone else if wathing tv and admire and be inspired by what others are doing in their homes.

So to any of you that are thinking, should I share something personal that I have created? Hell YES, if you are pleased with it do it. The supportive interior community that I have only recently began to emerge myself in, will show you love and it will make you feel good.  A special thank you to @oxfordone  and @daniellelouisedoughty who have both been so kind and supportive with my Instagram adventure.

Even more importantly it has inspired me and given me confidence to push myself. My 20 year old self did once have a dream to be a fashion designer and/or a famous artist. So I want to encourage others to share their art work, to be proud and unapologetic about their squares going off theme. Embrace what makes you happy.

Screenshot_20180919-091436_Instagram My Instagram feed. A mix of what I love, art and interiors.

This leads onto another first for me. Starting a hashtag. Yes I for one am very nervous about this but there’s nothing to loose. This is where I need you secret artists to start sharing the love of your paintings in your home and shaking up your feeds. Tagging your creative friends, sharing and liking other art that you see and like in other homes with #artinmyinstafeed.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that my first attempt was not to shocking….

See you in the squares.

Blog by: Gemma  


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